Studia Gdańskie, Academic Journal of the Gdańsk Archdiocese.

Studia Gdańskie is a semiannual academic journal presenting theological research through the lens of humanities (history, philosophy, social studies). It is published by Gdańsk Theological Seminary and Gdańsk Metropolitan Curia.

Studia Gdańskie was established in 1972 by the bishop of Gdańsk, Lech Kaczmarek, and the first issue was published in 1973. In the journal’s early history, the issues appeared irregularly (once every two or three years). From 1998 Studia Gdańskie became an annual publication, and since 2007 the period between issues has been shortened to six months. Currently for each year one issue is devoted to a single subject proposed by the editorial team, while the other is a collection of various submitted texts.

The past general editors of Studia Gdańskie were: Fr. Stanisław Mędala CM (1973-1975), Fr. Jerzy Zaremba (1976-1980), Fr. Grzegorz Gólski CM (1981-1994), Fr. Janusz Balicki (1995-1999), Fr. Maciej Bała (2000-2005), Fr. Adam Świeżyński (2006-2009), Fr. Adam Romejko (2009-2014). The current general editor is Fr. Grzegorz Szamocki (since 2014).

Studia Gdańskie is simultaneously published as hard copy and digital PDF, with the former considered the primary source.
Studia Gdańskie is a reviewed periodical. In the 2015 List of Scored Journals it received 9 ministerial points.

Studia Gdańskie is a journal indexed in CEJSH, CEEOL, IC Journals Master List, EBSCO, ERIH Plus i PBN.