A Christological Revitalization of Ecumenism on the Basis of the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans in Dialogue with Karl Barth’s Der Römerbrief

Author: Łukasz Pondel

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26142/stgd-2018-011

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Is the current state of ecumenism so satisfactory that one can forgo any attempts to revitalize it? Or is it, perhaps, that a new critical look is needed not only with regard to contentious issues, but also with reference to the essence of ecumenical activities? Who should be the subject and object of ecumenism? To answer these questions, which constitute the theme of this work, the following sources will be analysed: St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans and Karl Barth’s Der Römerbrief. The fundamental criterion for the present work will be the attempt to analyse the above sources in light of ecumenical Christological axioms in St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans, as expounded in Karl Barth’s Der Römerbrief. The discussion has been divided into three logically arranged parts. The first provides a Christological analysis of the Letter to the Romans for the purpose of highlighting references which serve as a basis for ecumenism. In the second part, the aforementioned selected references are analysed by means of Karl Barth’s Der Römerbrief commentary. The third part constitutes a juxtaposition of both sources with an attempt to draw ecumenical Christological conclusions which can become a new helpful critical tool in today’s dialogue.


diastasis, crisis, paradox, service, justice, redemption, reconciliation