„O, Polsko, idź w imię Boga” [‘Oh, Poland, go in the Name of God’]. Three Songs of Otton Mieczysław Żukowski as an Expression of Love Towards the Home Country

Author: Robert Kaczorowski

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26142/stgd-2018-016

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In this article the author discusses three songs concerned with patriotic matters, to which music was composed by Otton Mieczysław Żukowski (1867– 1942). They include the following songs: Marsz Sokołów polskich na Bukowinie [The March of the Polish Falcons on Bukowina] to the lyrics of Klemens Kołakowski (1856–1908) and two songs to lyrics both written by Fr. Józef Janiszewski (1880–1940): Naprzód, Narodzie! [Forward, Nation! ] and Pieśń o orle białym [Song of the White Eagle]. The discussed songs, on their semantic as well as musical level (written in the form of a march), are on the one hand a testimony to the conscious attitude of the authors towards their homeland, while on the other they are a call to Poles of all generations to a constant concern for independent Poland.


Otton Mieczysław Żukowski, Klemens Kołakowski, Józef Janiszewski, Polishness, national identity