The Description of the Clergy in the Oliwa Chronicle up to the Turn of the 13th / 14th Centuries

Author: Dariusz Aleksander Dekański


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This study looks at the description of the clergy in the Cistercian Oliwa Chronicle. The study covers only the period up to the turn of the XIII / XIV century, including the rule of the abbot Rudiger. The analysis of the chronicle’s content shows it to be extremely sparing in detail concerning the clerical environment. The chronicler even avoids giving much information about the monks of Oliwa. There is no mention of Gdańsk or the clergy from this city in the chronicle. Interestingly, there are errors in the descriptions of the mentioned clergy. The problem presented in the paper requires further research including also analysis of further content of the chronicle from the first half of the 14th century.


Cistercians, Oliwa/Oliva, chronicle, clergy