Christian Metanoia in the Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Author: Marek Kowalkowski


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The Liturgy of Ash Wednesday begins the time of Lent and invites the faithful to enter the path of inner change. In this article, starting from the Christian understanding of the concept of conversion, we come to practical observations that the Paschal time, especially the liturgy of Ash Wednesday, calls man to reorganize his life and direct it to God. This is especially remembered in the words of the Saviour: „Repent and believe in the Gospel” (Mk 1:15), which the rites of Ash Wednesday use when heads are sprinkled with ash. Throughout his entire earthly life, man is subject to a constant struggle between good and evil. For this reason, every act of penance is always imperfect and requires constant renewal. The hope for the Christian is that the fragility of life and the weakness of the human moral condition meet with forgiveness and God’s great mercy.


conversion, Lent, Ash Wednesday, penance, Divine Mercy