Moral Duties Towards Nation. Reflections Based on the Document of the Polish Bishops’ Conference The Christian Shape of Patriotism

Author: Wiesław Łużyński


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Patriotism is a just love of one’s own nation, and national culture is an environment for personal human growth. Thus the requirement of justice towards this community which has shaped us is to be a part of the nation, showing solidarity and love towards one’s own country. An important duty of every human being is patriotic education and a wise historical policy plays a significant role in this process. Family, school, artists, scouting, non-governmental and local government organizations, sports events and historical re-enactments are elements of patriotic formation for young people. A patriotic attitude should be combined with the requirements of universalism, such as openness and respect for people who belong to other traditions and cultures and to communities that use a different language.


nation, homeland, patriotism, the Church, Catholic social teaching