The Christological Dimension of the Liturgical Texts of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Author: Dariusz Kwiatkowski


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This article shows the christological dimension of the solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. The sources of research were biblical and liturgical texts intended for the celebration of this solemnity. The analysis and exegesis of the source texts very strongly emphasizes that in the centre of the Corpus Christi celebrations there is the Person and the saving act of Jesus Christ. During the Last Supper, in a sacramental manner Jesus established and memorialised the events of his death and resurrection forever. The Eucharist is above all the presence and saving act of Christ. This presence, hidden under the figures of bread and wine, is real. The names and titles of Jesus which appear in the liturgical texts emphasize the presence and the saving action in the liturgy of „here” and „now”. The following names and titles are used in the texts: Jesus, Christ, Son of Man, Teacher, Lamb without blemish, Bread of Life, Priest. The texts of the Mass form for this celebration give a clear message that Christ comes to man as the most basic and at the same time indispensable food – life-giving Bread.


Corpus Christi, Body of Christ, Blood of Christ, presence, Jesus, Christ, Son of man, Teacher, Lamb without blemish, Living Bread, Priest