The Works of Otton Mieczysław Żukowski (1867–1942). An Attempt at Systematization

Author: Robert Kaczorowski


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The following article is the outcome of more than 10 years of study of the works of the little-known Polish composer Otton Mieczysław Żukowski (1867–1942). During those ten years, many of his unknown songs, kept mainly in the private records of the composer’s granddaughter and in the Lviv National Scientific Library, were collected. Also, the authorship of other of Żukowski’s songs was established, while in other cases it was possible to question this authorship. Furthermore, based on the national documents, the correct date of the composer’s death was revealed to the public, correcting the wrong date given by various dictionaries and encyclopedias. The article is the first attempt at an organized presentation of the musical as well as publishing work of Otton Mieczysław Żukowski, according to the author’s knowledge as of 2018.


Otton Mieczysław Żukowski, Polishness, national identity